Bunnicula Strikes Again! is sixth book of Bunnicula Series.


Chester has once again come to the crazy conclusion that Bunnicula is a threatening vampire. The cat starts drinking the rabbit's juice at daytime so Bunnicula will die of starvation. Harold and Howie are upset, but once again Chester insists this is all for the best. One night, Harold notices Bunnicula crying while singing him a lullaby. Chester thinks he misses his mother, and the next few days he leads the two dogs to search for her. This is unsuccessful, as she very likely is not around town. When Bunnicula becomes increasingly ill, either due to lack of food or to his lack of parental love, he is taken to the veterinarian, Chester, however, escapes and gets to the theater first. Before he can actually kill Bunnicula, the demolition starts, crushing both the cat and the rabbit under rubble. Harold and Howie manage to alert the Monroes and the other witnesses, and together they dig through the piles of fragments. They find Chester in a weakened state, but Bunnicula miraculously is completely unharmed. Chester comforts the rabbit, finally claiming that his attempts to murder Bunnicula were futile and that because he survived the demolition without a scratch, he is 'indestructible.' At the end, the Monroes return to their normal lives, and Bunnicula is at last happy because Chester has accepted him as one of the family.



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